The "Sun in Glory" has a solar face.

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Exploring the "Sun in Glory" in various works....

I'm starting with my favorite original. $300 .Framed, mixed media on panel with a touch of 23 carat gold.

"GOLD DOT SUN" (above) $300.

This is the RED SUN  original at 6 x 8 inches.

"RED SUN" $300.

"SUN IN SWIRLING SKY" ( above) also showing the framed presentation of these original paintings.


Sun flower colors predominate; I nod to that in designating this a "YELLOW SUN."

"YELLOW SUN" (above) $300.

Here the sun is seems to have a secret.

DAVID SCOTT MEIER 305 731 9342

"REVELLEE" is my first take on the cock's crowing....

"REVELLEE" (above) editioned print on paper; $55.

I include another print on paper here as the sun is the lightest and brightest in the "TRIO."

"TRIO" The sun and palm tree join in.... $55.

SEE something you fancy? 305 731-9342 for your credit card order. I ship UPS insured.