'NICE HAT!' Giclee editions on Canvas  Doggies ORIGINAL WORKS; I ORIGINAL Works; II ORIGINAL WORKS; III David Scott Meier Studio ROOSTERS! CATS GET IN TOUCH... Offered for your extended stay in Key West.....OFF SEASON FROM $1700. month

Oil and mixed media works on panel or paper.

"READER" $125 (above) Original oil on RAG BOARD.

A mixed media collage with gold leaf.

"TO BED EARLY" $125. (above) Original collage.

One of my favorites and full of intricate techniques. With 23 karat gold.

"REFUGE" (above) $225. ORIGINAL mixed media collage.

"ROAD TRIP, GODIVA" Original $150.

SHIPPING VIA UPS. 305 731-9342

"MUSIC IN THE PALM COURT"(above) OIL on mounted paper. 11 x 14 inches .

"SMACKEREL" SOLD (Good Kisser; above) Original oil on panel.

A little "MOM BIRD." SOLD ORIGINAL oil on collage.

I pack and ship via UPS to your home or office. All major credit cards.